Game of Thrones Gets a Swanky New E-Book Edition

A Song of Ice and Fire is getting fancy and interactive on iDevices. HarperVoyager is releasing an all-new enhanced edition of A Game of Thrones. The new e-edition will feature a glossary of characters and dynamic map tracking that will track the movements of each character as you progress through the story.  Here is an official description of the ebook:

HarperVoyager is delighted to announce the publication of the enhanced edition of George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones ebook.

Crafted to help readers navigate Martin’s epic and multifarious plot with ease, this new edition features an interactive map tracking the locations of a range of perspective characters throughout the novel. The dynamic map is also an industry first, because by accessing the map at key points within the text, the reader is able to follow the movement of the POV characters in the story.

In addition to the dynamic map, the ebook also features two exclusive new maps featuring detailed renderings of King’s Landing and The Wall, and presents readers with a fully hyperlinked glossary, allowing them to look-up character details and family lineage at any point in the plot. Thirteen audio clips, featuring award-winning actor Roy Dotrice’s rendering of Martin’s epic, are also integrated throughout the novel.

HarperCollins Group Digital Director David Roth-Ey said, ‘We’re delighted to be able to offer readers this augmented edition of A Game of Thrones, which perfectly complements Martin’s multifarious and engaging plot. GestureKit opens up all sorts of possibilities for exciting editions, and it seemed only right that George should be the first benefactor of this new technology’.

This new technology has the potential to vastly enrich the reading experience for fantasy enthusiasts. Being able to follow your characters on their adventure on an interactive map of their fantasy world is a pretty neat feature to add to the reading experience. The downside is that, for the time being, the new enhanced AGOT e-book is exclusively available on iOS and can only be purchased through the UK iTunes bookstore. Sorry, my fellow Phandroids. Maybe we’ll get a taste of this one soon.

Check out a preview of the new Game of Thrones e-book below.


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