X-MEN: FIRST CLASS F/X Lead Embarks On Directorial Debut

The Visual Effects Supervisor for X-Men: First Class, John Dykstra, is going behind the camera for his directorial debut with the feature film Super Zero, an adaptation of an award-winning graphic novel written by Jeff Lemire called Tales From the Farm.

According to Variety, Rhythm & Hues Studios is working with writer John Carr and producers Steven Gilder and Alec Chorches with Dkystra in the director’s chair. The project will be moving quickly in the next few weeks with securing casting decisions, financing, and /or distribution commitments to prepare for appealing to studios.

Super Zero is an “edgy by family-friendly” story about “an orphaned ten-year-old who goes to live on a farm with his uncle. As their relationship grows strained, he befriends the town’s gas station owner, a former pro hockey player, and the pair escape into a private fantasy world of superheroes and alien invaders.” This will be a live-action series employing heavy use of special effects for the fantasy world.

Dykstra has received Oscars for his work with visual effects in the original Star Wars and also Spider-Man 2. He talked about what made him chose this project as his directorial debut:

“I’ve been so involved in films that are primarily based on the action sequences and over-the-top visuals that this to me was incredibly attractive just based on the depth of the characters and the evocative nature of the story.”

More is to come on Super Zero and Jeff Lemire at SDCC this year.


Lillian 'zenbitch' Standefer
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