‘Wolverine’ Fights Piracy with Multiple Endings Gimmick

At an advanced screening of X-Men Origins: Wolverine last night in Los sabretoothwolverinehighres-2Angeles, director Gavin Hood introduced the film by announcing that they’ve included multiple after-the-credits endings spread across several prints of the film, meaning folks will have to visit multiple theaters in order to watch them all. Hood did not reveal exactly how many endings there were; the one at last night’s screening apparently included Deadpool, according to First Showing.

Some of you might remember a similar stunt taking place for the film adaptation of Clue, which seemed like a more obvious choice to include multiple endings since the board game plays out the same exact way. But this move by 20th Century Fox has not only become a signature of the new big-screen Marvel universe — it’s also a fairly smart way to entice folks to theaters after an almost-but-not-quite-there version of Wolverine leaked online last month. Last night’s after-the-credits ending lasted roughly 25-30 seconds; the rest of them (however many there are — I’m guessing 3-6) probably run about the same.

Even though all the different endings will most likely find their way onto YouTube the weekend this film hits theaters, do you think it’s enough to win back at least some of the money lost to piracy? Was something like this even needed in the first place?

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