Winona Ryder Ready And Willing For BEETLEJUICE 2


Lydia Deetz, 27 years later? Yes. Please. I’m a huge fan of Beetlejuice and if the scenario we’re talking about for Beetlejuice 2 involves Tim Burton, Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder as Lydia Deetz all grown up, it has my blessing.

We reported at the end of October that Tim Burton and Michael Keaton were both attached to the picture and in a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Winona Ryder expressed her interest in joining. Here’s what she said in that interview.

I’m kind of sworn to secrecy. But it sounds like it might be happening…It’s not a remake. It’s 27 years later. And I have to say, I love Lydia [Deetz] so much. She was such a huge part of me. I would be really interested in what she is doing 27 years later.

I would love this so much.

We’ll keep you posted on the latest for Beetlejuice 2 starring Michael Keaton.

Jess Orso
Written by Jess Orso

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