Will You Take The Call? Stephen King Book ‘Cell’ To Become TV Miniseries

cell_by_stephen_kingYou thought radiation from cell phones would kill you?  Try cell phones that cause you to become part of the collective hoard of mindless killers with a hive mentality.

Stephen King‘s apocalyptic horror novel, “Cell” (2006), is on its way to being adapted into a four hour TV miniseries for the Weinstein Company, an American independent film studio who brought us “The Libertine”, “Clerks II”, “Project Runway”, “The Reader”, “Fanboys” (see our review here), and hmm… let’s see “Pulse” as well.  :raises eyebrow:

The Weinstein Company started with the project as a book-to-movie adaptation, but changed course to court networks.  John Harrison, with creds in Stephen King’s “Creepshow” and “Tales form the Darkside: The Movie”, is scripting “Cell” to miniseries format.

Harrison premiered his feature adaptation of Clive Barker’s “Book of Blood” at Montreal’s Film Festival this week.

[Source] Fangoria

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