Web Series Wednesday: BAD TIMING

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Welcome back to the series of posts here at SciFi Mafia that we’re calling Web Series Wednesday where we devote a space to the wonderment of the web series. Every Wednesday we’ll cover an awesome web series and give you all the info to get into it.

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This week we’re covering Bad Timing.

bad timing

It didn’t take me long after I got the email from Andy (Thanks Andy!!) to not only check out this amazing comedy web series, Bad Timing, but I completely devoured all 14 episodes (available at the time of the post) in one sitting, and loved each and every one of them. This is the positively greatest zombie show out there that doesn’t feature a single zombie. I was laughing out loud from the first episode and cannot wait for the season finale. Check out the first episode below. Seriously. You must watch.

Web Series: Bad Timing – Episode 1 – The End

There are 5 star shows and there are 5STARPLUSAHHHH shows and you’ll want to recognize this as the latter. This is, no doubt, one of my top 5 favorite web series shows of all time. Love it.

I give Bad Timing Five out of Five Stars.



Jess Orso
Written by Jess Orso

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