Todd McFarlane, Mark Waid and Joe Kubert on Tonight’s Encore WHERE MONSTERS DWELL

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As you likely know, and as I tell you just about every week, our favorite comics radio show, Where Monsters Dwell, comes to us from the great northeast, specifically Fredericton (they pronounce it “Frederton”), New Brunswick, Canada. As you may also know, that area of the world was hit with some particularly nasty weather recently. Although everyone is okay, not everyone’s power is back on. Sorry, Chuck “Chewie” Barry!

wmd 298It is for that and other reasons that host Remington J. Osborne has issued this statement:

Due to vacation, hurricane and work we won’t be bring you a new episode of Where Monsters Dwell this week. But fear not, in its place we bring you 3 of our most cherished episodes from the past featuring Todd McFarlane, Mark Waid and Joe Kubert. We hope you enjoy running down memory lane with is, and come back next week as we return LIVE with our guest, Chris Samnee.

Gee, okay! Nice ones to have in your pocket, guys! Although everyone is still of course welcome to post on the show’s WMD Facebook wall, don’t expect to hear them talk about it on tonight’s special edition.

Please join me in wishing that Remy, Monster Mike, Red Shirt Ryan, and Chuck stay well, keep fit, transform, roll out, and making the move to SciFi Mafia headquarters in sunny southern California.

Where Monsters Dwell will broadcast tonight’s special encore presentations beginning at 8:30/7:30c right here.

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

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