The 11th Doctor- New Behind The Scenes Images

Get a sneak peek into at the next Doctor and his new companion:

doctorwho_bts11th_doctorcompanionMatt Smith takes the reins from David Tenant as the 11th Doctor in the BBC series, “Doctor Who”.  This Doctor will meet his new companion in the first episode of the season with the new doctor due to air in spring of 2010.  Filming commenced in Cardiff this week.

New companion, Amy Pond, is played by Karen Gillan, whom you might remember from 2008’s Doctor Who ep, “Fires of Pompeii” where she played a small role as a soothsayer.

Another change to the show to note is that Stephen Moffatt is taking over the writer’s hat from Russell T. Davies.


What do you think of the Doctor’s new look?  It is an interesting change from the look of Tennant’s Doctor with trench coat and chucks to Smith’s Doctor with a librarian and combat boots vibe.

[Source] Syfy, Daily Mail

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