Syfy’s Shark-A-Thon Takes a Lethal Bite Out of PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD and SINBAD

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That storm of sharks known as Sharknado has not finished wreaking havoc, as Syfy has chosen to take advantage of the wave of enthusiasm for the ridiculously awesome, awesomely ridiculous mashup of killer weather and killer fish. The usual Saturday schedule of Sinbad and Primeval: New World has been given over to a day of sharks:

TV Spot: Shark-A-Thon — All Day Saturday, July 27th on Syfy

That “Shark-A-Thon” starts Saturday morning at 9/8c with Malibu Shark Attack and finishes off with an encore presentation of Sharknado beginning at 9pm/8c.

Whether it’s because of the shark programming or the decision had already been made is anyone’s guess, but the remaining episodes of Primeval: New World and Sinbad that would have aired through August 31 and August 24, respectively, have now been consolidated into marathon screening days.

Saturday August 3 will be a day-long Sinbad marathon, beginning with episode 1 at 9am/8c and concluding with the series finale airing at 10pm/9c. Likewise, August 10 is now scheduled for a Primeval: New World marathon beginning at 10am/9c with Episode 1 and concluding with the airing of the series finale at 10pc/9c.

The Syfy sharkfest (shark feast?) then continues on August 22 with the premiere of Ghost Shark, starring Mackenzie Rosman (Secret Life of an American Teenager), Richard Moll (Night Court), Tim Taylor (The Hunger Games) and Dave Davis (The Walking Dead):

Trailer: Ghost Shark

Come on now, you gotta admit, that was hilarious. I can smell the popcorn popping already; for a thematically correct movie snack, how about using sea salt?

In more Sharknado news, Sharknado 2 (working title) has been greenlit for an attack on New York City, and Syfy is seeking a good subtitle, as in “Sharknado 2: Oh My God, Not Again“. If you have the perfect one, tweet it to @SyfyMovies. No reward is being offered, beyond bragging rights, which of course can be pretty sweet.

Here’s a recap of the shark-scheduling madness, or you can click on the calendar here or on the Calendar tab at the top of every page.

The Syfy “Shark-A-Thon” airs Saturday, July 27 from 9am/8c to 11pm/10c on Syfy.

Sinbad, starring Elliot KnightElliot CowanMarama CorlettEstellaDaniels, and Dimitri Leonidas, airs its full season marathon on Saturday, August 3 from at 9am/8c to 11pm/10c on Syfy.

Primeval: New World, starring Niall MatterSara Canning and Danny Rahim, airs its full season marathon on Saturday, August 10 from at 10am/9c to 11pm/10c on Syfy.

Ghost Shark, starring Mackenzie RosmanRichard MollTim Taylor and Dave Davis premieres Thursday, August 22 at 9/8c on Syfy.

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