SLEEPY HOLLOW is Heading Our Way, Check Out the TV Spot, Viral Video, and Special Guest Star

Sleepy Hollow horseman wide

One week until Sleepy Hollow premieres, finally! To celebrate, Fox has released a new IN ONE WEEK TV spot, as well as a viral video about the “Secret Life of George Washington” which purports to be like an expose. It’s cute. And yes it does relate to the show.

TV Spot: Sleepy Hollow – One Week

Featurette: Sleepy Hollow – The Secret Life of George Washington

Complete with backwards-talk, excellent!

We also have some screen shots from the premiere episode, including one of a guest star I may not have mentioned yet…

Sleepy Hollow 101 0001 Ichabod battlefieldSleepy Hollow 101 0002 Ichabod caveSleepy Hollow 101 0019 horsemanSleepy Hollow 101 0003 John Cho

Why yes, that IS John Cho! John Cho who is Sulu in the rebooted Star Trek franchise, that John Cho. This show just keeps getting better…

Sleepy Hollow, starring Tom MisonNicole Beharie, and Orlando Jones, will air Mondays at 9/8c beginning September 16 on Fox.

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

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