Sinestro Corps Ongoing to Be Announced at Comic-Con?

Sinestro Corps wide

It looks as though DC Comics is adding a little more color to its ongoing monthly lineup. The Sinestro Corps (the evil, yellow version of the better-known Green Lantern Corps) appears to be the next Lantern team to be getting its very own monthly title, which will spin out of the upcoming Green Lanterns “Lights Out” event.

Bleeding Cool reports that Sinestro Corps will be officially announced at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con International, this July 18 through the 21, bringing the total number of current Green Lantern Corps spin-off titles to six.

The question on the minds of most fans (mine included) is whether these ne’er-do-well, citrus-tinted Lanterns remain a villainous force in the DC universe or embrace a new role as anti-heroes a la the Red Lanterns (the last offshoot of the Green Lanterns to be granted their own monthly). Only time, and the marketability of yet another Green Lanterns spin-off, will tell.

Josh Wright
Written by Josh Wright

is a Guest Contributor and comics fan from the Great Northeast.