ShadowMachine Hops On Board Guillermo del Toro’s PINOCCHIO

In June, we brought you a sneak peek at the conceptual artwork, heavily influenced by Gris Grimly, for Guillermo del Toro’s take on the Carlo Collodi fairy tale, Pinocchio. From the style of the artwork, you can tell that this 3-D stop-motion animated feature film isn’t going to be like previous versions of the tale. In GDT’s vision, he’s creating a “more adolescent” “tale for youth than a tale for just kids.”

Deadline reports that ShadowMachine Films is now producing and “[steering] the animation for Pinocchio” along with the Jim Henson Company. ShadowMachine is a boutique studio of artists, designers, and animators out of Los Angeles and this is their second large-scale feature film. The studio is working on Hell and Back, “an R-rated stop-motion animated comedy that stars Mila Kunis, Nick Swardson, TJ Miller Bob Odenkirk, Rob Riggle and Susan Sarandon.”

Del Toro is co-directing the project with Mark Gustafson. This story is set in Italy between WWI and WWII is scheduled with a one-year production timeline and will begin in the summer of 2013.

Lillian 'zenbitch' Standefer
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