Seriously? Zac Efron To Be The Next SPIDER-MAN?

According to British celebrity rag, OK!, Zac Efron is Tobey Maguire’s choice to replace him and that the 22-year-old star will make about $14M for the first film. They also state in the piece that Efron’s girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens is under consideration to replace Kirsten Dunst.

While none of this is completely out of the realm of possibility, the addition of the comment about Hudgens makes this story suspect at the very least and I think we can file this under Mega Rumor (considering the source).

While my memory isn’t what it used to be, I believe that OK! was also the same outlet that claimed Eddie Murphy being cast as The Riddler for Batman 3 back in 2008 – though that may have been The Sun, it’s difficult to keep the tabloid crap straight.

[Source] OK!

Jason Moore
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