Serenading Unicorn and Keenan – Whip It

We’re introducing some new aspects to Scifi Mafia in the coming months. One of them is obviously me, who will handle most of the book related content. Another is that we will begin posting some of the nerdy/geeky/scifi/fantasy bits we see on the internet that amuse us. We’re not sure what we’re going to call it. When Jason came to me with the idea, my knee-jerk name for it was ‘Nerdy Flotsam.’ What can I say? I’m flippant by nature. As you can imagine, while that label amused everyone, it’s bloody awful and we won’t be using it in an official capacity. For now we’re going with “Randomness” and we hope you enjoy the heck out of it as much as we love posting it.

The following is, if I may be so bold, happiness in a bottle (kinda like lightning in a bottle, but fluffier and more…happy. Think RAINBOW in a bottle.) Who doesn’t love Devo and their timeless hit Whip It, am I right? Try it when attached to a video with the most expressive little person imaginable and a Unicorn puppet. Yeah. Just blew your mind wide open, didn’t I?

Serenading Unicorn & Keenan Cahill – Whip It


Brandon Johnston
Written by Brandon Johnston

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