See The Pattern: Fox Offers FRINGE 101 For The Uninitiated And Refresher Course For Fans

Fox has provided a new website to promote its sci-fi show “Fringe”. This site, called “Fringe 101” will orient new viewers and provide a refresher course for existing fans. “Fringe 101” introduces viewers to four featurettes that cover the basics of the show and what has happened through the first season, four key episodes with summaries coupled with the ability to watch those full episodes on the site, and a rundown of main characters.

The featurettes include: “ 10 Things You Need To Know About Fringe”, “Following the Pattern: Peter”, “A Look Back”, and “Exploring the Unimaginable”. Check out the first of these featurettes below:

10 Things You Need to Know About Fringe

The show has been featured in People magazine recently with this article:

[Click image to blow sh!t up]

Check out “Fringe 101” to get to know the show or get a refresher course before the return of the show.

“Fringe” returns to Fox, tomorrow April 1st at 9pm ET.

[Source] Fox

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