Rumor Has It! Will Robin Make An Appearance In THE DARK KNIGHT RISES After All?

Since an official trailer for Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy has hit the internet all kinds of buzz and theories have been flying around the internet. One such rumor is the possibility that Robin will indeed make an appearance in The Dark Knight Rises. The two scenes in the trailer suggest this possibility. Check out the evidence below.

The first occurs in the opening seconds of the trailer when the “R” in Rogues looks suspiciously like the shuriken insignia on Tim Drakes Robin Costume . Nolan has previously stated that the timeline is wrong for Robin to enter his franchise, and Bale has commented that he felt that the introduction of Robin would cheapen the franchise. Could Nolan have had a change of heart, or could he have his own version of the Boy Wonder make an appearance in TDKR?

The second piece of evidence is a little more interpretive than the first, but not to be ignored as pure coincidence. The football player that survives the detonation in the stadium scene is named Ward. Anyone who has watched the 1960’s Batman television series knows that the character of Dick Grayson/Robin was played by actor Burt Ward. Curious, definitely but not conclusive evidence to the appearance of Robin in the film.

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Do I think that Robin will make an appearance in TDKR? No. Not really. I suspect that these easter eggs in the trailer are simply an homage to the mythology and hold no bearing on the story itself. Still, I could be wrong. Joseph Gordon Levitt’s role in the film suggests that he has a bigger role in the story than just some beat cop who interacts with Batman a couple times, and there is plenty of imagery floating around that suggest that the film will somewhat resemble the Knightfall story arc. If Bane doesn’t actually break Batman’s back, could he temporarily incapacitate our hero and put us in a situation where someone has to fill in on a temporary basis?

What do you guys think? Could Robin make an appearance or possibly some version of Jean Paul Valley? Let the theories fly in the comments below!

Brandon Johnston
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