Rumor Has It! Warner Bros. Wants Chris Columbus To Direct SUPERMAN Reboot

Warner Bros. needs to get their new Superman movie (Superman: Man of Steel) into production soon and has already slated it for release in December of 2012. Director Christopher Nolan (Inception) was brought on back in February to shepherd/produce the Superman reboot being written by David S. Goyer (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight) and Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight) but, there has been no word on who would helm the project .

Now, a source tells Supermanhomepage that Chris Columbus (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone) has been offered the directors chair.

“David Goyer really wanted to direct but nobody from either studio think he’s good in that arena,” reveals the studio insider. “He’s great at coming up with story and ideas, like George Lucas. It’s his execution where he’s weak which is why people like Chris and Jonathan Nolan and Guillermo Del Toro have had the best results with his scripts.”

Whether Chris Columbus takes up the offer, or even if said offer really exists, will be revealed in time.

Superman: Man of Steel is slated to hit theaters in December, 2012.

Jason Moore
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