Review: CLiNT Magazine #1

Editor: Mark Millar
Writers: Mark Millar, Jonathan Ross, Frankie Boyle, Jim Muir and Manuel Bracchi
Illustrators: John Romita Jr., Steve McNiven, Tommy Lee Edwards, Michael Dowling and Manuel Bracchi
Publisher: Titan Magazines






Weighing in at 96-pages, Mark Millar‘s CLiNT is one part comic book anthology, and one part FHM-style magazine, wrapped up in an attractive, glossy package. The magazine features more than 2 comic books worth of pages from the likes of Millar himself, Jonathan Ross and Frankie Boyle. While this inaugural issue has comics written by better known names, Millar is allowing CLiNT to be a proving ground for work submitted by up-and-coming talent to showcase their work as well.

Jonathan RossTURF #1 and Millar’s own Nemesis #1 are both included in issue #1 in their entirety, they are both great comics and whether you decide to read them in CLiNT or buy the separate issues, I highly encourage you to read them. Ross’ TURF is an especially fantastic comic. We also get a look at the first eight pages of Millar and John Romita Jr.’s Kick-Ass 2: Balls To The Wall #1, which is great but because it’s only eight pages, it cuts off at an odd point in the story. Finally, we get the first installment of Frankie Boyle’s Rex Royd series, which is just alright at best, and the final pages of the magazine include a three page story entitled Huw Edrwards’ Space Oddities: The Diner, by Manuel Bracchi, who was recruited by Millar himself through his Millarworld message boards. While I think it’s great that Millar is providing the outlet for newcomers, from a “story” perspective, this particular comic was an absolute waste of three pages.

While the comic book anthology portion of the magazine is great, and I like the idea of getting a monthly publication delivered to my door that includes multiple issues of comic books, the rest of the mag feels a bit slap-dash and even though I’m a fan of Millar’s, some of the other content included seems a bit juvenile and “shocking for the sake of being shocking“, which started to wear a bit thin on me.

Overall, I think CLiNT is a worthy read, and after they get into a groove and mature (I mean that both literally and figuratively) the magazine could be great. I actually think that outside of single issue comic books, a magazine of this format will likely be the only thing that could survive the impending death knell for print periodicals, as digital versions of magazines completely overtake the landscape.

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I give CLiNT #1 Three out of Five Stars



Jason Moore
Written by Jason Moore

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