Retro Comics Fans Rejoice as WHERE MONSTERS DWELL Welcomes Comic Historian Hope Nicholson to the Show

It is so great that every week, Where Monsters Dwell, our favorite live radio comics talk show, has a guest or topic that makes me say, “Ooo! I wanna hear that!” This week is no exception, as the guys welcome comic historian Hope Nicholson back to the program. I love old comics!

WMD 311You’ll remember Hope from last year when she was on the show, talking about bringing Nelvana of the Northern Lights back to the the mainstream. Well Hope is busy once again trying to resurrect lost golden age hero, Brok Windsor. Tonight the guys will be asking how everything went with Nelvana, and see what she’s doing to introduce Brok to a modern day audience.

Update: Listen to Episode 311 now!

If you want to study up ahead of time, you can see the Brok Windsor project here (it looks really cool).

As always, WMD would love to have you post any questions or comments you may have on the WMD Facebook wall or give the show a call during the broadcast at 506-452-6056 (they’re in Canada).

If you do have to miss tonight’s live show, the guys are cool enough to post their shows as podcasts, so you’ll be able to listen to the show when it posts later this week, either from the Where Monsters Dwell website, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here. Thanks guys!

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Erin Willard
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