Remember Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman?

Well, how much would you pay for Michelle Pfeiffer’s sexy costume from Batman Returns?


Yeah, that would be the one!

Well, according to MTV Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman costume fetched a pretty penny early this month at an auction put on by Profiles in History. The costume, which had recently adorned a “resident” of the Hollywood Wax Museum, was won for $8,260 and edged out duds worn by both the Beatles and Michael Jackson as the most profitable outfit of the auction.It’s not the first time superhero memorabilia has inspired a hefty purchase. At least two other bidders have proclaimed their comic book love by putting down $192,000 for one of George Reeves’ Superman costumes from “The Adventures of Superman” television show and $126,000 for the Black Beauty car from “The Green Hornet” show at past Profiles in History auctions.

Despite Halle Berry’s Razzie Award-winning performance in 2004’s “Catwoman,” the original feline antihero Selina Kyle hasn’t appeared in a live-action film since 1992’s “Batman Returns,” a probable indicator of the costume’s value. Of course, the potential for a Catwoman appearance in a third Christopher Nolan Batman film couldn’t hurt nostalgia either.

Not to be shortchanged by their sizable purchase, the winner of the Catwoman costume also went home with a certificate of authenticity from the wax museum.

How much would you fork over for a piece of comic book movie history?

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