REAL GENIUS Half Hour Comedy Series in Script Development at NBC

Every time I learn of a series in development based on a storyline that sounds ridiculous, or absurd, or somehow questionable, I have to remind myself that there is a reason why I write about TV shows and am not part of an actual writers room, and I don’t review TV productions until they’re actually fully produced. A show “about marriage” called American Horror Story?! A series about a time traveling Ichabod Crane? A reboot of Battlestar Galactica? Seriously? All three of which ended up being in my Top Ten Series Ever list.

Of course, not all questionable proposed shows turn out well, but that’s also true of series that should have been great, and just weren’t.

All of which ran through my head once more, when I saw the news, first posted by Deadline, that NBC has entered into a “script commitment plus penalty” (NBC pays a penalty to the owners of the rights if it goes no further than the script) for a half-hour comedy series based on an updated version of the 1985 Val Kilmer-starring film Real Genius

Not sure if you’ve seen it? Here:

Yes, it was definitely a product of its times. Word is that the updated version will be a workplace comedy centering on the relationship between a rockstar-ish genius and a brilliant but sheltered and naive co-worker.

The project comes from Sony Pictures Television, Adam Sandler’s Sony-based company Happy Madison Productions, and 3 Arts Entertainment, and will be written by Craig DiGregorio (Chuck, Reaper – both of which are encouraging signs) and David King (Parks and Recreation).

We’ll keep you posted.

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

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