Prep for the Next THE WALKING DEAD With Featurettes, Clips and More


Another quietly excellent episode of The Walking Dead last week has me hopeful that this may be the best season yet. I just love it when they get the quietly powerful-to-zombie kill ratio just right, like they have been doing lately. To remind us of the cool kills, and the cool if-looks-could-kill meet between Rick and the Governor, we have some great featurettes and a Talked About Scene clip, as well as highlights from Talking Dead and a clip from Sunday’s new episode.

Featurette: The Walking Dead – Inside Episode 313: Arrow on the Doorpost

Featurette: The Walking Dead – The Making of Episode 313: Arrow on the Doorpost

Clip: The Walking Dead – Talked About Scenes Episode 313: Arrow on the Doorpost

Catch the best moments from Talking Dead. Chris Hardwick discusses The Walking Dead episode “Arrow on the Doorpost” with guests Eliza Dushku, Keegan-Michael Key, and Lauren Cohan.

Featurette: Talking Dead – Episode 313 On-Air Highlights

Tyreese and Sasha enjoy some target practice in this sneak peek of Episode 314.

Clip: The Walking Dead – Sneak Peek Episode 314: Prey

The Walking Dead, starring Andrew LincolnNorman ReedusMichael RookerLaurie HoldenSteven YeunLauren CohanMelissa McBrideChandler RiggsDanai GuriraScott WilsonEmily Kinney, and David Morrissey, airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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