Predators Director, Nimrod Antal Is The Latest Rumored Spider-Man Director

Just when you thought we would finally get a break from Spider-Man movie rumors, the rumor mill is already in full spin on the reboot. While this new tid bit contradicts the most recent rumor that Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) was Sony’s top pick for the film. The folks over at Quiet Earth have apparently heard from an industry insider that Nimrod Antal (Armored, Predators) is the top pick by Sony and Sam Raimi to direct the SPIDER-MAN reboot

You’re asking yourself “Why?”  This is what their insider had to say,

“Sam Raimi met Nimrod on the Sony lot before his first US film, Vacancy. They clicked, so Sam hired him to direct Armored. Now, Predators is getting some great word-of-mouth around tinsel-town. Warners loves it and now Sam Raimi and Sony want the director back at the studio to helm Spiderman.”

Jason Moore
Written by Jason Moore

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