New Time Lord Comic Drops Today ‘Doctor Who: Silver Scream’

drwho-comicWhile we await news of a ‘Doctor Who’ movie with David Tennant at this year’s Comic Con, we have the ‘Doctor Who’ comic book series by writer Tony Lee and artist Al Davison to chew on this week.  How does Lee plan on distinguish his comic series from the television series?  Lee explains:

“One thing I loved from the classic ‘Doctor Who’ was wondering each week whether The Doctor would survive and what’s going to happen. With the new [television] series, that sort of thing is only reserved for the big, middle-of-season or end-of-season blockbusters. I want every story in the comic book to be that end-of-season blockbuster.”

Lee has previous history with the Doctor in scripting IDW’s six-part miniseries “Doctor Who: The Forgotten” and the one-shot story titled “”Doctor Who: The Time Machination.”

drwho1What will be different with this comic series is how it will tie in to the storyline on the television show as Matt Smith will be the next Doctor, come next season.

“The first 18 issues of the series start with a quite innocuous story that builds up as the story goes along, to the point where The Doctor can effectively walk away from everything that’s happened and go into the final episodes where he becomes Matt Smith on TV,” says Lee.

The comic series will transition between David Tennant-Doctor to Matt Smith-Doctor several months after the television transition.  This gives Lee a window of time to plot out what’s going on in the comic series.  The current season has the Doctor flying solo at times which allows for room in the story to introduce other adventures with other companions not seen in the television series.  Unlike the television series companions, the characters that travel with the Doctor in the comic series don’t have a contract.  Lee could dispose of one at any given moment!

The Doctor Who comic series begins its first story arc this week with “Silver Scream”.  Lee takes the Doctor to old Hollywood in 1927, where there is a mysterious alien presence.


Tiny hints into the adventures Lee’s Doctor will embark on involve a trial by the Shadow Proclamation and having to work with former enemies before the Matt Smith transition.

Look for “Doctor Who: Silver Scream” in comic book stores today.

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