Must Watch: Dark Horse Comics Trailer for THE STAR WARS

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This September, Star Wars fans and the comic book world as a whole are getting a massive blast of “what if?” from the fine folks at Dark Horse Comics. A new trailer for The Star Wars, a comic book adaptation of George Lucas’s original 1974 rough draft for Star Wars: A New Hope has just surfaced online.

Originally released on USA Today,  the trailer highlights the main cast of characters (the names might sound a tad familiar) as well as showcasing some of the work we can expect from series artist Mike Mayhew.

Trailer: The Star Wars

Written by J.W. Rinzler, The Star Wars will be the first time a treatment of Lucas’s original script has ever been produced for mass consumption. In a press release from, Rinzler had the following to say of the project:

While researching in the Lucasfilm Archives I’ve found many treasures – but one which truly astounded me was George’s rough draft for The Star Wars. His first complete imaginings were hallucinating to read – mind blowing. . . While working with George on another book project, I once asked if we could adapt his rough draft. He was hesitant. Years later, with Dark Horse’s invaluable help, we showed him a few drawn and colored pages of what it might look like. He gave us the okay.

The Star Wars will be released as an eight-issue miniseries with issue #1 coming to our galaxy on September 4.

Josh Wright
Written by Josh Wright

is a Guest Contributor and comics fan from the Great Northeast.