Matt Kindt is Keeping Busy This October

Matt Kindt wide

Less than two years ago, Matt Kindt was a relatively unknown property. Though he had worked on several titles for top names such as Vertigo, Kindt was off of most of the comic book world’s radar. Apparently, a lot can change in two years.

After experiencing break-out success with Dark Horse‘s Mind MGMT, Kindt appears to be approaching major-player status. This October will see Kindt writing seven monthly titles for DC, Marvel, and other big name publishing companies.

Kindt‘s October solicitations (thus far) are Infinity: The Hunt #2 and 3, Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1, Forever Evil A.R.G.U.S. #1, Justice League Of America #8, Suicide Squad #24, and Mind MGMT #16. wonders whether Kindt will be at DC or Marvel party at the upcoming Comic-Con, as both are scheduled for the same time. So many publishers, so little time.

Josh Wright
Written by Josh Wright

is a Guest Contributor and comics fan from the Great Northeast.