Marvel To Adapt ‘N’ By Stephen King

Marvel Comics has announced a graphic fiction adaptation of Stephen King’s short story N. The piece was previously adapted for the publisher as a motion comic by Marc Guggenheim and Alex Maleev. The creative team will reunite for the four-issue comic book project. Released as part of King’s latest collection Just After Sunset, N tells the story of Ackerman’s Field, which hosts a gateway to another world. When an arrangement of eight stones is tampered with, a malevolent force is unleashed upon the world.

Marvel senior vice president Ruwan Jayatilleke said,

“It’s absolutely thrilling for Marvel to be working on N again and having the honor to publish it as a comic book miniseries”

“Both as a fan of the story and a producer on the N motion comic, I am absolutely psyched for the terrifying ride that Marc, Alex and the editors have planned for readers.”

Marvel has previously adapted King’s The Stand and The Dark Tower in comic book format. Del Rey Comics has released books inspired by The Talisman, the author’s collaboration with Peter Straub.

N #1 (of 4) is released in March 2010.

Jason Moore
Written by Jason Moore

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