Marvel Reveals New Ultimate Spider-Man Prematurely, It’s Donald Glover

Not really, but I credit the actor/comedian for this turn of events, especially since he spent a lot of energy earlier this year campaigning for the role that Andrew Garfield ultimately won. Marvel has been screwing it’s readers over right and left lately. First they reveal that Ultimate Spider-Man wouldn’t end with The Death of Spider-Man story line (before Peter Parker’s body has gone cold, btw) and now they reveal the identity of the new webslinger before the issue even hits newsstands.

Meet Miles Morales, your new friendly neighborhood Ultimate Spider-Man, who looks to be of black and/or Latino heritage. Here is what Marvel Editor in Chief Axel Alonso has to say about the new wall crawler.

“When the opportunity arose to create a new Spider-Man, we knew it had to be a character that represents the diversity—in background and experience—of the twenty-first century. Miles is a character who not only follows in the tradition of relatable characters like Peter Parker, but also shows why he’s a new, unique kind of Spider-Man—and worthy of that name.”

In 2000, creator Brian Michael Bendis revitalized one of  Marvel’s greatest characters when he retold the story of Peter Parker set in a modern world with modern obstacles. The series had its ups and downs, but overall has been viewed as one of the most successful pieces of storytelling in recent comic book memory.

Miles’ official debut as Spider-Man can be seen in Ultimate Fallout #4 which hits stores tomorrow.

Ultimate Spider-Man #1 hits stores on September 14th.

Brandon Johnston
Written by Brandon Johnston

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