Marvel Releases Variant Cover for Death of Spider-Man Finale, Excuse me. My Allergies Are Acting Up

With all the buzz surrounding the Death of Spider-Man event, it’s hard to actually feel anything about the impending end of Peter Parker’s run as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. I mean they’ve been shoving this in our faces for a while now, and last month they announced that while Peter won’t be wearing the webs anymore SOMEONE will be.

If you ask me they’ve handled this whole event really poorly. All the press they’ve been churning out about this has cheapened it. I’m a massive Spidey fan from back in the day and if anyone should be upset about the death of Peter Parker (even an alternate Universe version of him) it would be me. But I’ve found it really hard to care.

And then Marvel released this image of the variant cover by Joe Quesada, and it’s like a shot to the gut. This is it. Spider-Man is dying; and this image is the heart-breaking and bitter sweet farewell that should have been the tone of the event all along. Say what you want about Quesada as a creative director, but as a cover artist he really knows how to stick it in and break it off.


[Source] The Beat

Brandon Johnston
Written by Brandon Johnston

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