Man Creates Batman Costume with 23 working Gadgets, Cracks a World Record


Meet Julian Checkley, the man who has officially rendered all our cosplay efforts invalid. Checkley, a lifelong cosplayer and movie effects professional, was recently awarded a spot in Guinness Book of World Records: Gamer Edition 2017 in the category for “Most functional gadgets on a cosplay suit.”

Of the 23 gadgets he has built for the suit you’ll find a lot of the usual suspects such as batarangs, bat-trackers, and a grappling gun, and a few genuinely inspired additions such as a fireball shooter that spits small bursts of flame from the gauntlet,  an ultra sonic anti-dog device, and an EMP stun gun.

Check out Julian’s story and read the full list of gadgets below.

Full list of bat-gadgets.

1.Fireball Shooter

2.Gauntlet Video Screens x2

3.Bat Tracking Beacon

4.Bat Sign Projector

5.Folding Batarang

6.Grapnel Gun

7.Cowl Respirator

8.Pneumatic Tranquilliser Gun

9.Ultrasonic Anti Dog Device

10.Bat Shuriken x4

11.UV Lamp

12.Ball Bearing Grenades x2

13.Gauntlet Flashlight


15.Battery Pack

16.Laser Designator


18.Strobe Stun Gun

19.Gas Dispenser

20.Smoke Bombs x2

21.The Bat Flask

22.Concealed Laryngeal Microphone

23.Two-way Radio

[Source] Guinness World Records


Brandon Johnston
Written by Brandon Johnston

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