‘Loki’ Not Just In the ‘Thor’ Movie?

Samuel L. Jackson may not be the only actor signing a long-term deal to appear in multiple Marvel Studios films. With actor crossovers already occurring between “Iron Man” and “Hulk” cast members, and Jackson’s character Nick Fury set to show up in as many as nine of Marvel’s upcoming projects, there is a clear plan in play to establish characters with overlapping timelines and continuity across upcoming projects like “Iron Man 2” and “The Avengers,” among others.


Now, Marvel has confirmed that the big villain of 2011’s “Thor” could be one such character.

“Loki has those aspects,” Marvel’s president of production Kevin Feige said at a Marvel Studios presentation Sunday, according to FirstShowing.net. Thor’s classic nemesis, being played in the new movie by Tom Hiddleston, was also one of the first enemies to plague The Avengers in their regular comic book series, so it stands to reason that he would be under consideration to play big role in the evolving world of their films.

Additionally, Feige revealed that the Kenneth Branagh-directed “Thor” movie would take place on both Earth and Asgard. So comics fans can expect to see Thor, who will be played by Chris Hemsworth, as well as Odin (possibly being played by Brian Blessed?), traversing the worlds of mortals and Norse gods alike.

Feige was quoted as saying that Marvel’s extended lineup of films is “ordered this way for a reason,” implying that some significant thought has been put into how ongoing storylines will be evolving.

[Source] MTV

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