Kevin Smith Is Returning To Batman & Green Hornet

Smith will write new Batman miniseries called THE WIDENING GYRE — in which Smith is also creating a new hero for the DC Universe.

Here’s what Kevin Smith had to say about the project:

“THE WIDENING GYRE is a 12-issue Batman mini-series split into two volumes, with a half year break between each. Issues one through six (Book I) will ship monthly. Then, the story goes on hold for six months. Then, issues seven through 12 (Book II) will once again ship monthly. Yes, I built in the break to insure we don’t run into my usual problems with lateness. But I’m trying to improve, folks: first six scripts and first issue’s art — by CACOPHANY artist Walt Flanagan — were already done before we took this public. But here’s the kicker: three weeks after the last issue of THE WIDENING GYRE , we’ll launch a solo series featuring the new character, which I’ll be writing bi-monthly.”

BATMAN: THE WIDENING GYRE #1 hits in August.


Kevin Smith will also write a “Green Hornet” tale for comic-book publisher Dynamite Entertainment. The Green Hornet series will be based on Smith’s 2004 screenplay for the property.


Written by SciFiMafia

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