James Cameron Turning FANTASTIC VOYAGE Into an Emotional Love Story

Back in September, we told you that director Shawn Levy may decide to pass on the remake of the 1966 sci-fi classic Fantastic Voyage in favor of Fox’s untitled Frankenstein film. James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic) who is producing this project is seemingly unfettered by this speculation.

According to Deadline, Cameron is steady and on course with his remake of Fantastic Voyage. He talks of Levy:

“I gave him my idea about how this should be turned into a love story and he’s really run with it.”

Work on the script (originally by Shane Salerno) continues on and Cameron estimates it to be “about two thirds of the way there in the development process.” The “emotional core” of the film revolves around “a doctor going through troubled times in his marriage who finds himself injected into his gravely ill wife in order to save her life.”

Deadline says that when the doctor gets to the brain of his wife, things really “heat up” and with the technological leaps and bounds we’ve made since the 1966 original, there could be some marvelous opportunities here. The original film directed by Richard Fleischer was nominated and won for Oscars for Best Art Direction and Special Effects.

Levy is still attached to the project and is reportedly “working hard on it” but there’s still no official confirmation that Fantastic Voyage is his next film. Coming off the success of Real Steel, the director is hot on Hollywood’s speed dial.

Lillian 'zenbitch' Standefer
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