It’s New Comics Night on Tonight’s WMD RADIO, Plus Redshirt Ryan is Back on WMD AFTER DARK

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Yay, it’s Wednesday, known around here as WMD Radio Day! That is meant to include, of course, WMD After Dark, which is a hoot, so don’t leave when WMD Radio proper (term used loosely here) is over, because the lightning rounds of After Dark are worth your additional half hour.

Tonight on WMD Radio the guys will be talking about some new comics, and I for one am especially interested in “All New Captain America #1,” hoping that it is an excellent representation of Cap. Whaddaya say, guys?


Episode 317 – New Comic Day Spotlight 5

This week on WMD Radio we’re going to take some time to talk about some comics that hit the stands last week.

“Fade Out” #3 by Image Comics
“Drifter” #1 by Image Comics
“Django – Zorro” #1 By Dynamite Entertainment
“All New Captain America” #1 by Marvel Comics

Not a bad crop of comic goodness, hope you can tune in.

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And don’t forget WMD After Dark:

Episode 004 – The Return of Redshirt Ryan

It was only ONE episode, BUT when Redshirt is away, the Monsters WILL play. After last week’s no-holds-barred free-for-all with Fred and Drew from Against the Mat, Ryan’s back to lay his signature rapid-fire smack down on the panel. Joined by CHSR‘s very own Mark Kilfoil, this week’s installment of After Dark promises to be an orderly affair where everyone plays by the rules.

We do, however, make those rules up as we go…so there’s that. Welcome back Fredshirt…er…Redshirt.

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