How Would You Defeat Your Own Clone? Dimension Films Will Show You How

In a world where clones dominate the earth, how do you lead the mankind to defeat our own clones? That’s exactly what this satirical survival guide How to Defeat Your Own Clone will be about. Dimension Films is adapting the book by bioengineers Kyle Kurpinski and Terry D. Johnson into a feature film.

According to Screenrant, the screenplay for How to Defeat Your Own Clone will be written by Marvel writing alumni Ed Ricourt. Ricourt also wrote Now You See Me which in pre-production starring Jesse Eisenberg with Louis Leterrier at its helm.

Check out this early synopsis of the film:

In the year 2013 the first human clone was created and within years clones were in most homes only to be taken advantage of by their human owners and treated as slaves.  Following a revolution, civil war erupted between Mankind and their Clone creations who were fighting for their freedom.  The Clones won.  In this new world where Clones dominate, we follow Ethan on his quest to turn the tide of the war back in our favor against impossible odds.   Clones may have the same DNA blueprint as humans, but they are younger, stronger, healthier and more evolved.  Is Mankind prepared to outsmart and defeat their own clones?

Variety cites producers for How to Defeat Your Own Clone to include Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Gotham Group‘s Eric Robinson and executive producers of Gotham’s Peter McHugh and Dimension’s senior VP of Production Matthew Stein, and the VP of Production & Creative Affairs Matthew Singer.

With cloning a hot topic in science today, this world domination situation is a more likely scenario than a zombie apocalypse so this subject is one highly relevant to our technological progression and the ethics thereof. That it will also be a comedy is a great way to diffuse the subject.

No release has been set yet for How to Defeat Your Own Clone.

Lillian 'zenbitch' Standefer
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