Hollywood Scratches Its Head On What to Do With Wonder Woman, Fans Enlighten Them


When discussing Wonder Woman as a movie or TV property words like “tricky” and “complex” get thrown around. I don’t know why. I secretly think it has something to do with the fact that she has boobs, a fact that is very distracting to the uber-heteromale majority that comprises most of Hollywood. While I will concede that WW can be complex, she is far from tricky. She’s a warrior princess who has decided to involve herself in the wider world, fighting for justice while exhibiting more laudable qualities like compassion , mercy, and diplomacy. She is probably one of the most important superheroes in existence, and she’s constantly being overlooked because she’s a woman.

Director Sam Balcomb thinks she’s pretty important too, and he put together a trailer for his vision of Diana of Themyscira. From this fan’s perspective he does a pretty bang-up job illustrating many of Wonder Woman‘s qualities. Check it out below.


Brandon Johnston
Written by Brandon Johnston

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