HEAVY METAL: Fincher Brings Cameron And Snyder On Board

Director David Fincher is reportedly moving ahead with an update of 1981 animated anthology film Heavy Metal. Now, according to Deadline Hollywood, Fincher has recruited James Cameron and 300 helmer Zack Snyder to direct segments of the movie. Some of the biggest filmmakers in Hollywood have been talking about a remake of Heavy Metal for several years. It was first set up two years ago at Paramount Pictures, but was eventually dropped.

The project is still searching for a distributor, and more directors are expected to board Heavy Metal in the coming months for it’s eight or nine animated 3D segments.

Heavy Metal is inspired by the ’70s science fiction fantasy magazine, which previously was the basis for the original 1981 film and a 2000 sequel. All of the segments in this new version are said to be infused with the spirit of the erotic and violent story lines that defined the magazine.

[Source] Deadline

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