Fox Picks Up Former Fringers’ Shows SLEEPY HOLLOW and ALMOST HUMAN


Atta FOX, well done. They have announced their new series pickups, and they include two shows we’ve been following. In fact, they are two of the series we were most excited about, so WOO HOO! Both come from former Fringe executive producers, and one features a favorite movie star, whose latest movie premieres next week…

Almost Human first screen shot Urban

That would be Karl Urban, Star Trek‘s Bones, and his show is the project formerly known as Inhuman, then just Human, and now/currently Almost Human; it’s the buddy cop robot show. Executive producers are J.J. Abrams (Star Trek, Fringe, etc etc) and J.H. Wyman (former Fringe showrunner).

Sleepy Hollow first screen shot

The other is Sleepy Hollow, the modern-day retelling version we’ve been telling you about, from Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek, Transformers, Fringe). Here are the details from Fox, via Deadline:

ALMOST HUMAN (working title)

From Emmy Award-winning executive producer J.J. Abrams and creator/executive producer J.H. Wyman and starring Karl Urban, Michael Ealy and Emmy Award nominee Lili Taylor, Almost Human (working title) is an action-packed police drama set 35 years in the future, when police officers are partnered with highly evolved human-like androids. An unlikely connection is forged when a cop with an aversion to robots and a robot with unexpected emotional responses investigate cases in a brave new world. Almost Human (wt) is produced by Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Bad Robot Productions and Warner Bros. Television. The series is created by J.H. Wyman, who wrote the pilot. The series is executive-produced by Wyman, J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk. Kathy Lingg (Person of Interest, Revolution, Fringe) and Reid Shane (Fringe) are co-executive producers. Brad Anderson (Fringe, The Killing) directed and served as co-executive producer on the pilot.


From co-creators/executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (the Star Trek and Transformers franchises, Fringe), the thrilling new action-adventure Sleepy Hollow is a modern-day retelling of Washington Irving’s classic. ICHABOD CRANE (Tom Mison) is resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries through time to find that the world is on the brink of destruction and that he is humanity’s last hope, forcing him to team up with a contemporary police officer (Nicole Beharie) to unravel a mystery that dates all the way back to the founding fathers. Sleepy Hollow is from K/O Paper Products in association with 20th Century Fox Television. The series is co-created by Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Phillip Iscove and Len Wiseman (Hawaii Five-0, Underworld andTotal Recall). The series is executive-produced by Kurtzman, Orci and Wiseman and Heather Kadin. Iscove serves as supervising producer. Wiseman directed the pilot.

No scheduling information has been released yet, but we’ll definitely keep you posted on each.

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