First Look: The All New Ultimate Spider-Man

Even though the final chapter of The Death of Spider-Man has yet to be told, Marvel is already unveiling an all new Ultimate Spider-Man that will replace Peter Parker after the event. We don’t know who it is yet (or what even happens to Peter for that matter), but it’s a far cry from what fans are used to in a Spidey ensemble.

[The Shakedown]

What the heck is Marvel doing? We don’t even know how DoSM ends yet, and they’re already throwing a new Spider-Man at us? Does anyone else out there think that this is kinda poor taste? Peter Parker is a Marvel flagship character and they’re already announcing his replacement, before his two dimensional body has even grown cold. Though I guess at the end of the day we know it won’t really mean anything. We learned from our mistakes in trusting a comic book publisher after The Death of Superman. I’m sure that at some point in the future, Ultimate Peter will show up web slinging again.

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Brandon Johnston
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