Featurette Explores the DRACULA Premiere, Plus Clips and More for Episode 2

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Did you catch last week’s premiere of Dracula? It’s definitely a “reimagining” of the Bram Stoker original, with the players having familiar names, but their roles and the details and even the alliances having undergone a bit of tweaking. To explain all of this, I’m happy to report that NBC is going the way of AMC and HBO and, for the first episode anyway, has released a featurette that delves deeper into the episode.

They’re calling it, charmingly, “Dracula Unearthed”, and we have it here for you below, following a longer version of a clip from the premiere that they used quite often in TV spots and trailers. We also have a new trailer for the season, and a clip from the upcoming second episode which is as illuminating as those light bulbs were.

Clip: Dracula – 101 The Incredible Mr. Grayson

Featurette: Dracula – Dracula Unearthed, Episode 1: The Blood is the Life

Trailer: Dracula – Abomination

Clip: Dracula – 102 Let’s Make a Deal

Dracula, starring Jonathan Rhys MeyersOliver Jackson-CohenBen MilesJessica De GouwThomas KretschmannNonso AnozieKatie McGrath, and Victoria Smurfit airs Fridays at 10/9c on NBC.

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

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