Dynamite Picks Up Garth Ennis and Rob Steen’s ERF

Erf wide

Garth Ennis and Rob Steen started the children’s series ERF on Kickstarter last year. It would now appear that Dynamite (publisher of Ennis‘ most recent series The Boys) has decided to take ERF out of the primordial ooze on to the mass market.

To be released as a hardcover trade paperback this October, Dynamite.com posted the following description of the series on its solicitation page:

At the dawn of time, Erf and his three amphibious friends – Figwillop, KWAAAH, and the Booper – take their first nervous steps out of the ocean, the beginning of an adventure into the primordial world. As they explore the exciting new lands beyond the shore, they discover that the prehistoric jungle is home to the mighty and terrifying Colossux. What follows is an evolutionary tale of love and loyalty for readers of all ages!

Though children’s literature is nothing new for Steen, who is best known as the illustrator of Flanimals (written by comedian Ricky Gervais), ERF marks a definite creative shift for Ennis, who is best known for his work on the mature (in a manner of speaking) titles Preacher, Maximum Punisher, and the above-mentioned The Boys.

And as if a children’s book written by Ennis wasn’t enough, signed copies of ERF will be randomly seeded with normal orders.

For more info, you can check out the original ERF Kickstarter page here.

Josh Wright
Written by Josh Wright

is a Guest Contributor and comics fan from the Great Northeast.