Death is Coming for the Smallville Cast

The season finale of Smallville is this Tonight, which means the much talked about deaths are upon us.


The cast and crew are being very tight-lipped about who’s saying goodbye to Metropolis on Thursday night, but we did try our best to get executive producer Kelly Souders to tell us who would be back next season, and she obliged…a bit.

For clues as to who survives, read on…

Here’s what Kelly has to say on who’s returning next season:

Tom Welling: “We wouldn’t take a step without him.”

Erica Durance: “Erica is the one person we can say yes to. We all know in the mythology it’s Clark and Lois forever.”

Cassidy Freeman: [Long silence] “I don’t know if we can say.”

Aaron Ashmore, Justin Hartley, Kristin Kreuk and Sam Witwer: “We can’t tell you.”

Michael Rosenbaum: “We love Michael; we would love for him to be able to come back and at least do some appearances.”

Allison Mack: “We can’t tell you!”

[Source] E!

if you’re a Smallville fan, who do you want to survive and who do you want to get the brush off into the proverbial ‘Phantom Zone’?

Written by SciFiMafia

SciFi Mafia® Staff