DCC 2012: Hear Patrick Stewart Like You’ve Never Heard Him Before

The clear and enunciated voice of Sir Patrick Stewart is unmistakable. Stewart’s dignified onscreen presence owes significant credit to the signature sound of his voice. “You have the bridge, Number One,” as he’d say as Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the starship Enterprise in television’s Star Trek: The Next Generation. But did you know how far Stewart had to come from his native dialect from his native West Riding in Yorkshire?

At this past weekend’s Dallas Comic Con, Stewart regaled the eager audience at his Q&A session on Saturday afternoon with a taste of his original regional accent. This native accent is not just a tint on the English language, but an entire dialect unto its own. Take a listen for yourself below:


Stewart spent a number of years working on learning to speak in RP or received pronunciation style of English. This is how your ears recognize Sir Patrick Stewart now in his illustrious 53 years of professional acting.

And you can hear him again soon as he alluded to an exciting new project for theater coming in about 15-16 months time in the late summer or autumn of next year in New York. Stewart expects to make an announcement about this “big and exciting” new show soon.

Meanwhile, Stewart did say that the Blu-Ray version of the Star Trek: The Next Generation series is in the works and that he has just been sent a 10-15 minute blooper reel that “looks sensational” and “as if it were filmed last week.” For him, the funniest thing is “still the turbo lift doors that don’t open.”


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[Photo Credits: Rachel Parker]

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