Dark Knight Producer Working On THE LOOKING GLASS WARS


Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is just a few months away, and not unexpectedly – there has been some renewed interest in Lewis Carroll’s classic fairy tale.

One author with such interest is Frank Beddor, who crafted the series of novels collectively known as The Looking Glass Wars. If Beddor’s name sounds familiar, you must have read our story on the impending “Monopoly” movie and the awful plot.

While appearing on ABC’s Good Morning America to promote the final book in the series “ArchEnemy,” Beddor was asked whether we might see the series brought to the big screen any time soon to which he replied:

“I am working with the producer of ‘The Dark Knight’ Chuck Roven, so we’re putting it together, and it’s pretty exciting to think about it as a movie. It’s a really visual world so we’ll see”

So, what is this visual world he’s talking about? Check out the Booklist Rundown via Amazon below:

Alyss Heart, heir to the Wonderland throne, is forced to flee when her vicious aunt Redd murders her parents, the King and Queen of Hearts. She escapes through the Pool of Tears to Victorian London, but she finds she has no way home. Adopted by the Liddells, who christen her Alice Liddell and disapprove of her wild stories about Wonderland, Alyss begs Charles Dodgson to tell her real story. Even though he writes Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, she knows no one believes her. Years go by, with Alice repressing her memories. Then royal bodyguard Hatter Madigan, determined to start a war for Wonderland’s throne, crashes her wedding. Beddor offers some intriguing reimaginings of Dodgson’s concepts (such as looking-glass travel) and characters (the cat is an assassin with nine lives), but his transformation of Wonderland’s lunacy into a workable world sometimes leads to stilted exposition on history, geography, and government.

Check out the videos below for more on The Looking Glass Wars

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