CYCLER: Gender Bending SciFi Jekyll And Hyde Books Optioned By AngryFilms


Angry Films has optioned Lauren McLaughlin’s young-adult book series “Cycler.” McLaughlin began writing CYCLER as a screenplay in the mid nineties and when she started writing fiction, she remembered how much she loved the idea and got right to work on the novel. It turned out very different from the original screenplay and it took her about a year and a half to write.

Cycler is the story of a teenage girl who turns into a boy four days every month. In her attempt to hide this fact from the outside world, she inadvertently splinters off a separate personality with a mind of his own.

Random House for Young Readers published the book and its sequel, “Re-Cycler” and there are plans for more titles in the series.

If you want more information about the author or the book series, you can visit Lauren McLaughlin’s blog right HERE

Jason Moore
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