Comic Writer Kel Symons Guests on WHERE MONSTERS DWELL


This week on our favorite radio show, Where Monsters Dwell welcomes back to the program comic writer Kel Symons. You’ll remember Kel’s work on last year’s I Love Trouble from Image Comics. Kel is back in 2014 and he’s bringing a new book with him, The Mercenary Sea, also from Image Comics.

WMD 280 Kel SymonsThe guys will also be discussing the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead – which I loved, by the way, guys. Just saying.

Update: Listen to episode 280 now!

If you have a question for Kel Symons or for WMD hosts Remington J. Osborne,  Monster Mike, and/or producer Redshirt Ryan, feel free to post it on their WMD Facebook wall or give the show a call during the broadcast at 506-452-6056 (yes, they’re in Canada).

If you do have to miss tonight’s live show, the guys are cool enough to post their shows as podcasts, so you’ll be able to listen to the show when it posts later this week, either from the Where Monsters Dwell website, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here. Thanks guys!

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