Comic-Con 2013 in Pictures, Outside Preview Night


Yesterday, Wednesday, was Preview Night at Comic-Con 2013. That means badge pickup starts at 3pm, and the Exhibit Hall is open for purchases, lines, and gawking. It was a beautiful day in San Diego, in the 70s downtown. Not everything was quite set up yet, since the fun doesn’t officially get rolling until today, the first full day of the Con.

Here’s what it looked like to be approaching the Convention Center early in the day, before the crowds started coming. And coming. And coming.

SDCC 2013 001 Outside Hall HSDCC 2013 01 Petco and OUATSDCC 2013 011 OUaTiN on PetcoSDCC 2013 2013 012 Onces and PetcoSDCC 2013 02 Convention center and HelixSDCC 2013 03 Helix wrapSDCC 2013 04 Signs and trolleySDCC 2013 05 GoT and trolleySDCC 2013 06 Enders tent

Next up: heading into the Exhibit Hall…

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

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