Check Out the Gorgeous DEFIANCE Season 2 Cast Gallery Pics

Defiance s2 gallery 17 cast wide

While I’m starting to find the artistic conceptual videos of upcoming TV shows somewhat irritating (I’d prefer they spend the time polishing up and releasing some actual clips), I don’t mind some good gallery(posed) still shots of the stars, especially when the actors in character and the costumes are so gorgeous.

Check out these beautiful gallery pics of the cast of Season 2 of Defiance:

Defiance s2 gallery 01 DatakDefiance s2 gallery 02 DatakDefiance s2 gallery 03 StahmaDefiance s2 gallery 04 StahmaDefiance s2 gallery 05 Datak StahmaDefiance s2 gallery 06 AlakDefiance s2 gallery 07 AlakDefiance s2 gallery 08 amandaDefiance s2 gallery 09 AmandaDefiance s2 gallery 10 NilesDefiance s2 gallery 11 NilesDefiance s2 gallery 12 RafeDefiance s2 gallery 13 RafeDefiance s2 gallery 14 ChristieDefiance s2 gallery 15 ChristieDefiance s2 gallery 17 cast wideDefiance s2 gallery 18 cast verticalDefiance s2 gallery 19 NolanDefiance s2 gallery 20 NolanDefiance s2 gallery 21 Irisa NolanDefiance s2 gallery 22 IrisaDefiance s2 gallery 23 IrisaDefiance s2 gallery 24 TommyDefiance s2 gallery 25 Doc YewllDefiance s2 gallery Amanda Nolan

Less than a month to wait…

Defiance, starring Grant BowlerStephanie LeonidasTony CurranJaime MurrayJames MurrayGraham GreeneJesse RathDewshane WilliamsTrenna KeatingJustin Rain and Nicole Munoz, returns for Season 2 on Thursday, June 19 at 8/7c on Syfy.

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