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Titan Comics has been doing a terrific job with the rebooted Doctor Who comics so far. We’ve seen the first few issues for the Tenth Doctor and the Eleventh, and as of today, they are joined by the debut of The Twelfth Doctor #1. It captures the different tone of the new Doctor, and Clara’s adjustment to him, quite handily. As a bonus, those readers who are also fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy may notice more than one tip o’ the hat to that saga as well.

Check out the gorgeous cover, preview some pages, see the trailer, and read all the details below:

Doctor Who 12th Doctor Comic #1

Trailer: Doctor Who – The Twelfth Doctor #1

By Robbie Morrison and Dave Taylor
Publisher: Titan Comics
Release Date: October 15
Price: $3.99

Offering shocks, surprises, and galaxy-shaking revelations, seasoned TARDIS pilot Robbie Morrison (Drowntown, The Authority, 2000AD, Nikolai Dante) and New York Times-bestselling artist Dave Taylor (Batman: Death by Design; 2000AD) mark the start of their first five-issue run by diving headfirst into the console room and pulling all the levers they can – spinning the new Doctor off to his most challenging destination yet!

Freshly regenerated and with a new head full of unanswered questions, the Doctor (as played by Peter Capaldi) whisks Clara Oswald (as played by Jenna Coleman) away to a strange and distant world.

Clara thought she was in for an evening of marking essays on the Metaphysical Poets, followed by going out on a date – or at least trying to. You know, normal stuff.

Instead, she’s facing down exotic flora and fauna in her best dress, backing up the Doctor on a trek through traumatically alien undergrowth – and she doesn’t even know what the Doctor is searching for, or what will try to kill them should they find it!

New Face! New Doctor! New Beginning! Get in on the ground floor of this amazing ongoing series!

Pick up Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #1 at your local comic book store, or get your digital copy on!

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