BUFFY SEASON 9 Takes a Controversial Turn [Spoilers]

It’s been a long road for Buffy and the Scoobies. Creator Joss Whedon isn’t known for pulling punches. The titular heroine has faced all manner of trials, tribulations, and horrors. She’s lost friends, lovers, even herself in the long fought battle against the forces of evil. But with this week’s issue of Buffy Season 9, Whedon has a new obstacle for the Slayer.

Buffy is getting an abortion. Yep.

Last month’s issue ended with the massive revelation that Buffy had a little slayer in the oven. In this month’s issue Buffy is seeking advice from the one person who know’s all about being the child of a Slayer: Robin Wood.

Shelf Life sat down with creator Joss Whedon to talk about the controversial turn in the series. Whedon stated that he felt very strongly about teen pregnancy, or unprepared pregnancy in general. As far as he is concerned, Buffy shouldn’t keep the baby.

I don’t think Buffy should have a baby. I don’t think Buffy can take care of a baby. I agree with Buffy. It’s a very difficult decision for her, but she made a decision that so many people make and it’s such a hot button issue with Planned Parenthood under constant threat and attack right now. A woman’s right to choose is under attack as much as it’s ever been, and that’s a terrible and dangerous thing for this country. I don’t usually get soap box-y with this, but the thing about Buffy is all she’s going through is what women go through, and what nobody making a speech, holding up a placard, or making a movie is willing to say.

Planned Parenthood has issued strong statements against this development; Whedon isn’t surprised about this development, and he’s good with that.

There’s nothing wrong with debate. I didn’t do it as a sensationalist move. I did it as what seemed like a natural part of Buffy’s life. And obviously there will be complications to the whole storyline that could only happen in the Buffyverse. But it’s not about what happens, it’s about that moment of decision, and just articulating what so many people are not saying, but so many are thinking.

As far as the identity of the baby-daddy goes, Joss isn’t talking.

I know everything about it, but will tell you nothing. Except, like I said, it’s going to end up being a storyline that is rooted in the Buffyverse. I’m not going to turn the comic book into something other than what it is. The whole thing isn’t going to be, well, normal. There’s not going to be a lot of “normal” going on, but hopefully there’s a certain amount of “relatable.” We’re going to pursue what this storyline means, but not in a way people are going to expect.

Buffy Season 9 #6 is in stores now.

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